05.04.06 20:35
Kann vielleicht jemand mir mit der Ubersetzung von Gabriellas Sång auf deutsch helfen? Ich habe nur die englische gefunden.
Danke Schön
Kristin Schweden

It's now that life is mine
I have gotten a time here on Earth
And my longing has led me here
What I missed and what I got
This is still the road I've chosen
My confidence far beyond words
That has shown a little piece
Of the sky I've never reached
I want to feel that I live
All the time I have
I shall live what I want
I want to feel that I live
To know that I'm good enough
I have never forgotten who I was
I've just left it sleep
Maybe I have had no choice
Only the will to exist
I want to live happily, for it's me who I am
To be able to be strong and free
See how night turns into day
I am here and my life is only mine
And the sky that I thought that existed
I shall find it there somewhere
I want to feel that I've lived my life

05.04.06 20:58
hier gibt es den Song auch auf Deutsch: http://lirama.net/song/32874/32456+91501

Die Schwedisch-Experten sind ansonsten uebrigens hier zu finden: http://tyska.info/ppi-forum/forum/index.php

Aber hier ist Schwedisch natuerlich auch immer gern gesehen :-)

05.04.06 21:55
Danke schön!!