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Humboldt-universitetet i Berlin feirer i år 200års jubileum. Jeg har lest at bl.a. Noam Chomsky i sin teori bygger på Wilhelm von umboldt. Noen som konkret kan si hvilken teori det dreier seg om? Kilde:www.wissen.ARD.de

"Sprachwissenschaftler wie beispielsweise Noam Chomsky berufen sich bei der Erarbeitung ihrer Theorien auf Wilhelm von Humboldt."

Kanskje er problemstillingen på kanten av hva heinzelnisse skal ta opp, men det kunne være spennede å få et svar.

18.04.10 16:24, Geissler de
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wilhelm_von_Humboldt :

"He [Humboldt] is credited with being the first European linguist to identify human
language as a rule-governed system, rather than just a collection of words and phrases
paired with meanings. This idea is one of the foundations of Noam Chomsky's theory of
language. Chomsky frequently quotes Humboldt's description of language as a system which
"makes infinite use of finite means", meaning that an infinite number of sentences can be
created using a finite number of grammatical rules. Humboldt scholar Tilman Borshe [sic]
notes profound differences between von Humboldt's view of language and Chomsky's."

18.04.10 22:07

"...Humboldt is particularly important here, because he forges a link between characteristic human traits, an appropriate social setting, and the language that sets man apart from animals. He also "looks forward to a community of free association without coercion by the state or other authoritarian institutions, in which free men can create and inquire, and achieve the highest development of their powers"; "far ahead of his time, [Humboldt] presents an anarchist vision that is appropriate, perhaps, to the next stage of industrial society" (Chomsky Reader 152)."